Oregon shows its love for First Responders

Send Us Your Photos!

Below are photos our supporters sent us where the community has been supporting their local first responders

Outside Estacada, which was almost overrun by wildfires, the Barton Community Church praises their First Responders.

In Bend, a homeowner placed a wonderful sign in support of First Responders along a Deschutes River walkway.

In Central Oregon a billboard touts Heroes' night for First Responders at the tribal casino.

Local First Responders Share Their Thoughts

Below are comments from our supporters where the community has been supporting their local first responders

“In my experience within the law enforcement community, officers are advised to tread very lightly because if any situation doesn’t go perfectly, the officer risks losing his job, being prosecuted or have an entire case completely fall apart.  Even if things go perfectly, the media can present the situation in a negative light. 

There are small things the community can do to show support for law enforcement.  They can display Thin Blue Line flags or bumper stickers, place ‘support the police’ lawn signs in their yards, or even put a blue light bulb in their front porch light to show support for police.”


Retired Cop, Southern Oregon

“I think a lot of men and women choose to be firefighters to do something civic, something helpful, something exciting and different, and something to feel good about. You make lots of new friends and learn many new skills. At large fires we worked closely with law enforcement and emergency medical providers to keep everyone safe and extinguish the fires as quickly as possible and minimize damage and injuries. It was always a coordinated and productive group effort.

We also did other activities to support the community (put up holiday decorations, food and clothing drives, annual firefighters summer dance fundraiser, fire safety and firefighting demonstrations, and even organizing town parades). The community and citizens gave strong support for our department and being a member was probably the best thing I have ever done!”


Former Oregon Volunteer Firefighter